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Must Be 18+ Years (Or 21+ Years Old Where Applicable) To Enter,” By Entering This Site Or Purchasing Products From Kung fu Video and Dvd(Trading As WhatsSmoking.net ) You Certify And Agree That You Are Over 18+ Years (Or 21+ Years Old Where Applicable) Of Age And That Products Purchased From WhatsSmoking.net  Are To Be Used Solely By Persons Over The Age Of 18 (Or 21+ Years Old Where Applicable). You Agree That No Claims About Safety, Health Benefits Or Uses For The Products Were Specifically Stated By WhatsSmoking.net. You Assume All Liability For Proper Use Of The Products Purchased From WhatsSmoking.net.  Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Personal And/Or Property Damage, Illness, Injury Or Financial Loss Caused By The Use Of The Products Or Inability To Use The Products Purchased From WhatsSmoking.net  Sold By WhatsSmoking.net  Have Not Been Reviewed By The FDA And Are Not Intended To Treat, Diagnose, Prevent Or Cure Any Disease. Comments/Reviews Posted By Visitors Or Customers Of WhatsSmoking.net  Or Associated Websites Do Not Represent The Opinion Of WhatsSmoking.net  Or Its Employees Or Representatives. All Products Shown Are Intended For Aromatherapy Purposes Only.

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